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Monday, August 5, 2013

"Quick" Summer Recap

Riley starts kindergarten on the 21st.  KINDERGARTEN!!  Like, real school!  Eek.  So here's a quick summer recap before my big girl gets even bigger...

Dude really honed in his "cheeeeeese!" skills

Daddad was with us for the parade!

We took some strolls (I think Michael was running with Brooks for this one??)

We had fun playdates with Gracie and Addie

We snuggled and giggled

We played with lots (and LOTS) of roly polies
  We went to the carnival

Wore appropriate eyewear

Learned what happens when fruit snacks sit in a hot car

Had a (super unsuccessful) garage sale

Snuggled and cheesed some more

Went swimming at Jake's grandparents'

Played tourist at the zoo

Hung with the cousins

 Hit the zoo with Grace

And got tuckered out

 Noelle spent the night at Grandma and Papa's with Hannah

And hit Lamb's Farm

We scored big at a couple garage sales

And posed at Cantigny

Enjoyed yet another parade

Hung with our new buddies, the Orrs

Hit the zoo again with the VanBockel girls!

Brooks and I got caught in the rain (twice!)

And snuggled a little more

Aunt Kelsey and Uncle B came (and they'll be here for good, soon!!)

And, of course, we had a blast at Super Tots camp

Nana sent us some amazing dresses that she made

Brooks engaged in some crib shenanigans

We sported awesome goggles for swimming

Played in the sprinkler

Had yet another awesome Investortools picnic (no tornado weather this time--woohoo!)

Noelle had her preschool physical!

More playdates with the Kaufmans

Noelle's physical led to an EKG (all's normal!!!)

We found a new awesome picture spot

And even got to see Uncle Steve!

We clowned around

And I got a new sewing room!!!

We posed with more of Nana's wares

And generally loved life.

Whew.  Not a bad summer at all (and it's not over yet!!!).